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Unlike many other creative web companies, we offer a complete hosting service for all our clients whether they have a standard website, a WordPress built website with cms, a full blown e-commerce website or a database driven web based project. - we call it 'client only hosting'.

To ensure that our clients can have a completely managed solution from us we also provide professional domain name registration and management services, email, CMS, SSL certificates, and E-Commerce solutions. For more information on our website design and build services please click here.

If you require further information on any of these services please just click below, or get in touch for a quick chat.


Your files... our servers... the web!

Once your website has been built it has to go somewhere. All the files and images need to be managed properly, and it needs to be accessible to everyone on the web 24/7.

We make it look simple but to get it right does require some extraordinary technology and super-duper equipment and a first class server environment with reliable connectivity, and that's what we offer our clients.

  • CLIENT ONLY hosting - only our clients websites and files on our servers. We do not use cheaper 'shared servers' or 'reseller' systems.
  • Resilient server design.
  • 99% guaranteed uptime.
  • UNLIMITED bandwidth - not capped, not throttled, not 'just enough for your site'... full unlimited bandwidth.
  • Cisco network architecture and Dell servers.
  • Secure UK based server environment with UPS, fire and water suppressant systems, and physical security protecting your website.
  • Password protected areas of your website.
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate options for e-commerce websites or for websites requesting lots of sensative or personal information.

All our web servers are based on the Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP combination - referred to as 'LAMP' - the most reliable and widely used platform in the web hosting industry, and this is why we currently do not offer Windows based hosting.

We register YOUR domains names in YOUR name. We host them on our servers. We make you look more professional.

The registration of a domain name is essential for your web presence to be taken seriously. Even if you have not got your website ready yet, let us register the domain name (or names) for you in advance - don't wait until your website is finished and risk losing your preferred domain name, possibly to your competition. If you do not have a domain registered yet please call us now on 01476 240 007 to discuss your registration requirements.

We are full members of Nominet UK and are a CentralNIC Accredited Registrar and provide a domain name search, registration, dns hosting and name management service for anyone requiring the registration of domain names. From the most popular and .com to .net, .org, and many others TLDs, we can handle all your requirements.

  • Full domain name search and registration service.
  • We are a Nominet Regsitrar, not a reseller.
  • DNS management.
  • Automatic multiple renewal reminders from 60 days prior to expiry.
  • Web forward (if necessary).
  • Multiple recipient addressing service (one domain address sends the email to multiple POP3 mailboxes when using our email service).
  • Name aliasing (different names into one mailbox) .

Unlike many domain name registration agencies, we do not charge any extra for any of these services, nor do we charge a release fee if transfer your name to another provider after registration. Watch out for that one!

Having a reliable and more importantly 'own brand' email system is paramount for a business. We think our clients would prefer to promote their company name, not their internet service providers.

How many times have you seen business email addresses such as '' or ''..? Provided your domain name is hosted with us, our POP/SMTP email service allows you to use your domain name within your email address to project a more professional approach to your business, and more importantly maintain your brand.


You don't have to have a website or site hosting services to use our email service. All our services are available separately so we only supply you with what you need. We have a number of clients that are not businesses but simply require a professional and reliable email service.